Stainless steel furniture for professional Kitchens.

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Becoming official dealer of the products of Mittel Group, means to distribute high quality standard and customized static preparation for professional kitchens; designed on your customers' needs
Why to become a dealer of Mittel Group products?
High quality, in the first place
Each material is carefully chosen to manufacture products of high quality and high functionality
Products customized to a maximum level.
We develop our projects according to customer's requirements , giving shape to his needs
35 years experience.
We can help you to design a customized product for your customer , guiding you step by step to the final realization
Fast delivery, everywhere
Thanks to a well established distribution network, we can guarantee fast and timely deliveries both in Italy and abroad.
Made in Italy
Our products are entirely manufactured in Italy , ensuring the best quality to your customers
Display of price list and online orders
Becoming our dealer, if you log in you will have full access to our price list and you can order all products easily from your computer

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